STRIVE AG investment company, a success because:

STRIVE helps corporations achieve room to manoeuvre.

On course with a future-oriented corporate and restructuring concept.

The second phase of the STRIVE analysis focuses on the potential for STRIVE AG to assume corporate responsibility within the company.

After just a week the STRIVE experts meet with the executives, managing director and shareholders to make the first important statement on the investment model.

The findings from the STRIVE analysis are entered into the STRIVE index - a development tool developed by STRIVE AG. Using the STRIVE index as a reference, the long and short-term potentials of the companies can be clearly ascertained.

The results of the STRIVE index form the basis for a future-oriented corporate and restructuring concept. The STRIVE report clearly identifies the measures which must be taken immediately in order to give the corporation room to manoeuvre. The focus remains on the corporate plan, which aims to ensure corporate success in the medium to long term. Equally important is the plan to improve the company's risk structure.

After four weeks the STRIVE report will provide concrete a clear statement on how the company can obtain equity capital, decrease its debts and thus achieve a stable base.

Now, at the latest, the STRIVE experts will be in a position to make a binding statement indicating the conditions under which we may assume entrepreneurial responsibility.

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