STRIVE AG investment company, a success because:

STRIVE stays the pace, managing the change process until our goals have been achieved.

Commitment in daily management.

As specialists in our respective areas, and having the advantage of an external perspective, we help managers address potential crises, shortages of resources, discussions with employees and credit institutions in a comfortable and strategically skilful manner.

As an investment company, STRIVE AG remains at your side, at the heart of the company, in good times and bad and during periods of flux. Strategy and reality, therefore, remain inextricably linked. Which is why STRIVE experts have years of experience in the management of industrial entities. They know how to restructure established corporations, and also how to successfully found and expand new ones.

And our involvement in the day-to-day management provides guarantee for your corporation's banks and business partners that STRIVE consulting is based on a personal as well as financial level.

People who take their challenges personally.

Dr. med. Angela Liedler, Dr. Hermann Sommer

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