STRIVE AG investment company, a success because:

STRIVE offers companies a new home.

We stabilise the healthy core of your company.

STRIVE AG invests its own capital in companies with potential. We focus on medium-sized companies experiencing upheaval which generate a turnover of 5 - 200 million Euro.

If you are confronted with a crisis situation as a result of an increasing annual deficit and a high debt ratio, STRIVE AG is the partner for you.

If the company is exhausting its resources while attempting to realise its potential, STRIVE AG will manage, in a short time, to stabilise the corporation's healthy core. This applies in particular to competencies, the resulting competitive advantages, the potential as well as current markets and the capacity of the management.

STRIVE AG invests the capital resources required for the company to operate if the company is active within a stable market environment, has the potential to achieve a leading market position and has a broad customer base on which to build.

STRIVE expertise targets the following sectors: automotive supply and dealership, mechanical engineering, building construction and civil engineering, pharmaceuticals and wellness. These represent the core competencies of the STRIVE team.

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